A Vote for Scott McVarish for Congress
is a Vote to Impeach Trump.
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“We must stand up to Donald Trump and hold him accountable for his corruption. ”
– Scott McVarish


Attorney Scott McVarish has formally announced his candidacy for California’s 25th Congressional District—a seat currently held by Republican Stephen Knight.

“This is a swing-seat district that voted for Hillary Clinton in large numbers, but roughly 15,000 people chose not to vote for last year’s Democratic nominee for Congress. If we’re going to take back the House and impeach Trump, we need to start fresh,” said McVarish.

“There is nothing more important than electing Representatives committed to stopping Trump’s dangerous policies. I will lead the charge to impeach Trump for his improper and reckless conduct. Instead of representing the people of California, Rep. Stephen Knight has been a Washington Representative of Trump, for Trump. Knight has voted with Trump 98% of the time.”

McVarish has spent his entire professional career focused on the fight against the concentration of power and wealth and to increase fairness, freedom and opportunities for all.

He is the founder of one of the top three best rated immigration law firms in Los Angeles as well as an employment law office representing workers. McVarish is the attorney for Ciudad en lo Alto, Santa Clarita’s largest Latino church. “I’ve been proud to help keep hundreds of families together when the government has tried to deport the mom or dad of a U.S. citizen. I’ve never backed down from protecting Santa Clarita families just like I won’t back down from protecting all of America from Trump’s corruption,“ said McVarish.

McVarish has also represented young female students who were victims of sexual harassment and assault by their instructor at a community college here in CA-25. Formerly a teachers’ union executive director & attorney, McVarish is also the founder of the non-profit organization Common Sense Democracy ( which first called for Trump’s impeachment in August 2017. McVarish takes every opportunity to explain to voters about the need to impeach Trump due to his relationship with Russia which corrupted our Presidential election. A vote for Scott McVarish for Congress is a vote to impeach Trump.

McVarish has authored a book on the international progressive movement and is a former executive committee member for the advocacy non-profit Clergy Laity United for Economic Justice ( He has a B.A., M.A. and J.D. from UCLA, is fluent in Spanish, and spent one year at a Liberation Theology Seminary in Central America. McVarish’s father, Thomas McVarish, ran for the CA-25 seat against Buck McKeon in 1992 as a Republican. Born and raised in CA-25, McVarish is 48 years old, married and has a middle-school daughter.